#31 – Jordon Comstock at BoomCloud

 Welcome to “No Instructions” with Chad Ingram! Tune in as he sits down with Jordon Comstock, Founder and CEO at BoomCloud, a company revolutionizing dental and optometry practices with membership programs. From humble beginnings managing his family’s dental lab to launching a successful tech startup, Jordan shares his entrepreneurial journey filled with challenges, insights, and […]

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#30 – Renato Villanueva at Parallel

Tune in to “No Instructions” with Chad Ingram and guest Renato Villanueva, co-founder of Parallel, a pioneering finance solution for early-stage SMBs. Renato’s journey from Peru to fintech entrepreneurship is filled with resilience and determination, shaped by his family’s immigrant experience and his own pursuit of education and mentorship. Discover how Renato’s diverse career path

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#29 – Brock Weeks at Savi

Tune in to “No Instructions” with Chad Ingram as he sits down with Brock Weeks, CEO and founder of Savi, a video-based insights platform revolutionizing surveillance data analysis for businesses. Delve into Brock’s entrepreneurial journey, from his early experiences witnessing his father’s business to his decision to start Savi. Discover the insights, challenges, and inspirations

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#28 – Babe Kilgore at Nerd

Join Chad Ingram on “No Instructions” as he delves into the entrepreneurial journey of Babe Kilgore, CEO of Nerd, a sustainable energy construction services company. Discover how Babe’s upbringing and early experiences in his stepfather’s construction business shaped his entrepreneurial sprit. From door-to-door sales to navigating legal battles and founding his own companies, Babe shares

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#25 – Zach Barney at Mobly

Join Chad Ingram on “No Instructions” featuring Zach Barney from Mobly. Explore Zach’s remarkable journey, from harboring aspirations to work for the government to ultimately thriving in sales. Learn how Zach’s pivot from his initial career path led to the creation of Mobly, your ultimate on-the-go productivity HQ. Tune in to uncover Zach’s fascinating transition

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#24 – Shane Rowley at Nimbl

Tune into “No Instructions” hosted by Chad Ingram with guest Shane Rowley from Nimbl, a full-service accounting team for small businesses. Shane’s journey from a high school graduate with an associate’s degree to working at a public accounting firm and eventually co-founding Nimbl is full of twists and turns. Discover how Shane’s entrepreneurial ubringing and

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#23 – Scott Paul at Phi

Dive into “No Instructions” with Chad Ingram and today’s guest, Scott Paul, co-founder of Phi and a Utah-based VC fund partner. From selling wifi during his undergrad to successful startups like Armor Active, Scott shares his entrepreneurial journey and insights gained from investing in around 80 companies. Discover how Scott’s experiences led him to co-found

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#22 – Levi Lindsay at Shyft

Tune into “No Instructions” with Chad and special guest Levi Lindsay, CMO at Shyft. Levi’s unique journey unfolds from aspiring stand-up comedian to entrepreneurship, overcoming challenges in sales and founding a video production company, Vid Army. Levi’s candid reflections on mental health and self-care provide valuable insights into his path of resilience and personal growth.

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