Developer Candidate Use Case

Use Case: Hiring a Remote Developer on Distro

  1. Bob is a business owner who needs a web developer to help with his company’s website. Bob wants to hire a remote developer for full-time work, so he decides to use Distro to find a qualified candidate.
  2. Bob visits Distro’s website and creates an account. He is prompted to provide some basic information about his company and the position he needs to fill.
  3. After creating his account, Bob is taken to the job description creation page, where he can enter the details of the position he needs to fill. He includes information about the required skills, experience, and salary range.
  4. Based on Bob’s job description, Distro’s algorithm suggests several qualified developers who are a good match for the position. Bob can review the developer profiles, which include information about their experience, portfolio, and salary expectations.
  5. Bob is suggested a developer named Anna in Argentina who is a good match for his position. He reviews Anna’s profile and is impressed with her technical skills and qualifications. He schedules an interview with Anna and follows his company’s interview process.
  6. Bob and Anna discuss the position and agree on a salary and start date. Anna agrees to start work as a full-time remote employee for Bob’s company the following week.
  7. Bob pays for Anna’s services through Distro’s payment system, which handles payroll and taxes for remote employees. This ensures that Anna is paid on time and that Bob is in compliance with labor laws.
  8. Anna starts work as a full-time remote employee for Bob’s company. She works from her home country, but communicates with Bob and his team regularly through Distro’s messaging system and video conferencing tools.
  9. Bob and Anna work together long-term, with Anna providing valuable skills and expertise to Bob’s company.

This use case shows how Distro’s matching system can help business owners like Bob find qualified remote developers for long-term, full-time work. Distro’s platform provides a convenient and secure way for both parties to connect, negotiate terms, and handle payroll and payments, all within a single platform.


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