Use Case: Hiring a Full-Time Remote Software Developer

Hiring a Full-Time Remote Software Developer using Distro

Ideal Customer: Technology company with intent to grow product and engineering teams

Goal: To find and hire a full-time remote software developer to work on the company’s product.


  1. The technology company has an active Distro account.
  2. The company has defined the job requirements and preferences for the software developer role.
  3. The company has set a budget for the monthly payroll.

Flow of events:

  1. The technology company logs into its Distro account.
  2. The company creates a new job description for the software developer role and specifies the job requirements, preferences, and budget.
  3. Distro matches the company with several qualified candidates from its global network of remote workers.
  4. The company reviews the candidate profiles, reviews their portfolios and resumes, and selects a few candidates for further evaluation.
  5. The company conducts remote interviews with the selected candidates and makes a final decision on the candidate to hire.
  6. The company extends an offer to the selected candidate and the candidate accepts the offer.
  7. Distro handles the full onboarding process for the new hire, including setting up the payroll, handling the necessary paperwork, and providing resources and support to the new hire.
  8. The company begins working with the new software developer and Distro handles the monthly payroll expenses.

Postcondition: The technology company has successfully hired a full-time remote software developer to work on its product. The most common outcome is that customers can have someone hired within 10 days and save 30% or more on salaries compared to those hired only in the United States.

This use case demonstrates how Distro can help technology companies find and hire remote workers in a streamlined and efficient manner. By using Distro, the company can access a global pool of qualified candidates, save time on the hiring process, and simplify the payroll process.


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