Distro releases its new developer Hiring & Payroll Web application.

Today Distro goes live with its new developer marketplace to facilitate the finding, hiring, and paying of remote developers around the globe. Currently Distro helps technology companies find software developers in over 200 countries worldwide through its web-based marketplace.

Due to increasing demand for software developer talent, businesses are getting creative about how to attract and retain employees. Even still, technology companies are unable to find the right people who meet skills and technical requirements

Distro comes as an alternative to hiring software development services companies overseas.

Starting in 2021, Distro has quickly gained traction and notoriety among technology startups who are struggling to find and hire software developers to keep up with market and customer demands. Before Distro, most companies were turning to outsource developers which is costly, difficult to manage product development, and often requires long-term contracts. Distro’s model was created with the remote developer and the tech leadership in mind.

Chad Ingram, Founder and CEO, says that “tech companies are in a really bad place right now. They can’t find the people they need fast enough. And in some cases they can’t find them at all. There are plenty of talented people out there who qualify for the position, speak fantastic english, and who are comfortable with remote work. Distro makes it easy to hire these people for full-time long-term work.”



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