Distro CEO on The Nathan Latka Podcast

In a podcast interview on the Nathan Latka podcast, Chad Ingram, the CEO of Distro, a software startup, shared the story behind Distro’s marketplace platform. The platform aims to assist startups in locating, hiring, and compensating technical professionals worldwide. Currently facilitating payments to over 200 countries, Distro enables technology startups to quickly and affordably find software engineers, product managers, designers, and more.

Listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CZpcQajd40

One key point of discussion during the interview was the challenges associated with launching a startup. Chad Ingram emphasized that Distro is currently bootstrapped and not seeking funding from venture capitalists at this stage of their business. This decision likely influences their strategic choices and operational approach.

Nathan Latka, the podcast host, expressed curiosity about how Distro attracts candidates to join their platform. However, Chad Ingram remained unwilling to divulge the secret sauce behind their candidate acquisition methods, leaving this aspect undisclosed during the conversation.

Overall, the interview provided insights into Distro’s unique marketplace model, their bootstrap approach, and the challenges encountered in the startup ecosystem.

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