Distro Launches New Global Hiring Marketplace For Growing Tech Companies

We designed the Distro model to parallel our customers' current hiring practices as much as possible. Hiring a great person in Brazil to come

Distro releases an updated version of their web-based marketplace to help businesses find, hire, and pay remote workers around the globe. Distro makes it easy to scale your team in today’s uncertain labor market. Creating an alternative to hiring software development services companies, customers can find and hire people on their own.

Unlike gig-based marketplaces, Distro was created to match companies with full-time remote workers. Predominantly filling technical roles like software engineering, site reliability, project management, product design, and many others, Distro customers set monthly salary budgets and interview for free. Once customers interview qualified candidates, an offer is made for full-time work. Customers can then onboard Distro candidates to join their communication channels as a regular team member and payroll is automated to the candidate each month.

Having only been in market since April 2022, Distro has showed enormous growth as a startup selling customers like 1-800 Contacts, QT9, Luna, and many others. Distro’s marketplace makes it easy for these customers to issue payments to their teams around the globe. Currently there are over 200 countries covered in the Distro payment network. This ensures that candidates can receive payroll in many locations.

Distro is free to use and charges no fees until customers hire people. After making a hire, Distro makes money by taking a cut of the total payroll cost. Distro’s CEO Chad Ingram shared, “We designed the Distro model to parallel our customers’ current hiring practices as much as possible. Hiring a great person in Brazil to come work with your team full-time should be and feel no different than you hiring a remote worker in Dallas, TX. Remote work is the future and it’s not going away.” Most customers save 30% or more when hiring global remote talent.

Original press release here: https://www.prweb.com/releases/2022/11/prweb19021066.htm


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