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Distro is a distributed software development platform.

The tech industry has been experiencing a boom in recent years, with more and more startups getting funded by venture capitalists (VCs). However, with the growing number of companies vying for a slice of the market, finding good talent, especially senior software engineers, has become increasingly difficult. In this blog post, we’ll explore the challenges companies face when hiring developers and how Distro can help address them.

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In a recent interview with Garrett Clark on the Meat & Potatoes Podcast, our CEO discussed the challenges of finding and hiring senior software engineers in today’s market. One of the biggest challenges is the low supply of experienced developers. As the demand for software engineers has increased, the number of skilled professionals available to meet that demand has not kept pace. This has led to a situation where companies are struggling to find and attract talented developers.

Another challenge is the expense of hiring senior software engineers. Payroll is a growing expense on a company’s profit and loss statement, and with the high demand for talent, the cost of hiring experienced developers has increased. This has made it harder for startups to compete with larger, more established companies that can offer higher salaries and better benefits.

In response to these challenges, some CTOs have turned to software development shops to find the talent they need. However, this approach has its own challenges, such as higher costs and longer development cycles. Distro offers a better alternative by providing a cheaper, faster, and more efficient way to build software.

Distro is a distributed software development platform that connects companies with top-tier software engineers from around the world. With Distro, companies can tap into a global network of talent, allowing them to find the best developers for their needs. Distro’s platform also offers a streamlined development process, enabling companies to build software faster and more efficiently than with traditional outsourcing.

In conclusion, the demand for senior software engineers is growing, and finding good talent is becoming increasingly difficult. However, companies can address these challenges by using Distro’s distributed software development platform. By tapping into a global network of top-tier software engineers, companies can build software faster, cheaper, and more efficiently, enabling them to compete with larger, more established companies.


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